Most people overeat and undereat at the same time.

Wrong eating habits, coupled with intrusive advertising of junk food, can lead to the fact that, by overeating, many people are actually undernourished: they have a deficiency of nutrients in the diet. The minerals, vitamins and amino acids necessary for the body do not enter the body with soda, snacks, hamburgers. Tatyana Meshcheryakova, a nutritionist at the Level Kitchen service, a nutritionist, an expert in the field of healthy nutrition, told Life’s readers about this. She explained that, on the one hand, an excess of calories is obtained, and on the other, a profound deficiency of the substances necessary for a healthy life.

“The cell does not eat proteins, fats and carbohydrates, it needs smaller components: amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, enzymes – this is its nutrition code. In this sense, malnutrition is associated not so much with protein deficiency, fats and carbohydrates, how many with a deficiency of cellular nutrition, “- explained Tatyana Meshcheryakova.

Overeating is the result of consuming a large amount of empty and even harmful components, which are not only not absorbed, but are deposited, clogging blood vessels and the liver, and also forming fatty layers. Among the signs of such a deficit useful substances, the nutritionist calls, first of all, a decrease in physical and mental activity. The lack of energy is indicated by the lack of strength even for minimal actions. The second sign is the loss of muscle mass. The third is a violation of qualitative characteristics: dry skin, brittle hair and nails, loss of appetite and tone. Evidence of overeating growth of adipose tissue. Moreover, this also speaks of deeper processes: a violation of fat metabolism, insulin resistance, a tendency to high sugar, prediabetes, and diabetes. The nutritionist notes that any bias will sooner or later hit health.

“This is especially important for fans of various mono-diets, such as protein or fat, to understand this. Nature has tried to ensure that we can maintain a balance of nutrients all year round. By nature, a person cannot always eat the same food. The body tells what it lacks,” — noted the doctor.

However, she warns, we are not talking about hints inspired by advertising. With chocolate, chips, alcohol, we can feed or even feed only the stomach. And delivering the necessary things to the cell means eating more vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates. And just proper nutrition, according to a nutritionist, will already help solve many health problems. You can’t rely on the feeling of satiety. And in special cases, when, for example, a person does a lot of sports or wants to lose weight, he needs to seek the help of an expert, concluded Meshcheryakova.


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