Moscow region against forest fires. The region will help Ryazan neighbors without compromising their own security


In the suburbs worked ahead of the situation with forest fires

The Ryazan region threw all its forces into the fight against forest fires. More than 180 hectares of forest are blazing in the region. The suburbs will help the neighbors to cope with the fire. The forest fire brigades Lukhovits and Shatura joined the Ryazan rescuers. In the Moscow region itself, the situation with possible fires was taken under close control.

Smoke and fumes of burning forests covered Ryazan. The ground fire, the regional authorities specified, quickly spread due to dry and windy weather. Precipitation is not expected in the region in the near future.

The head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Alexander Kurenkov, ordered that special equipment be sent to extinguish the flames – Mi-26 and Mi-8 helicopters, two Il-76 aircraft, as well as a Be-200ChS amphibious aircraft. Later, he personally flew to the region to control the situation.

Rosleskhoz accused the Forestry of the Ryazan region of concealing data on the scale of fires. According to local authorities, they started because of a dry thunderstorm. The Prosecutor General’s Office promised the Ryazan forestries additional checks, and the investigators of the Ministry of Emergency Situations opened a criminal case on the facts of forest fires. Their extinguishing was transferred to round-the-clock mode.

Helping hand

The Moscow region did not remain indifferent to the problem of the neighboring region: reinforcements were sent from the Moscow region to the Ryazan region.

Oleg Bazhenov, Chairman of the Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region, explained to 360 that the teams of Lukhovits and Shatura will work on forest fires.

“If the fire situation in Ryazan does not stabilize in the coming days, a new group will arrive on Saturday to replace this group,” he stressed.

Moscow region against forest fires.  The region will help Ryazan neighbors without compromising their own security |  Picture 1Photo source: press service of the Governor of the Moscow Region

Moscow region specialists have already joined the work. They are ready to help their colleagues for as long as it takes. In total, the Moscow region sent 32 specialists and 17 pieces of equipment to Ryazan. The personnel were provided with fuel, dry rations and water for three days. Additional forces also arrived in the region from Moscow.

Working ahead of the curve

In the suburbs, the situation with forest fires remains stable. However, the regional services have strengthened the fire protection, said the governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

“We ask residents not to make open fires in the forests so as not to complicate the situation during the fire season, and drivers to be careful on the roads because of the smog,” the head of the region said.

Due to the Ryazan fires, an unpleasant burning smell appeared in several urban districts of the Moscow Region. Andrey Vorobyov reminded that the hot weather will continue next week.

The services of Kolomna, Orekhovo-Zuev, Voskresensky and Ramensky urban districts have been transferred to an enhanced mode of operation.

The Moscow region has also increased control over the level of groundwater in canals, reservoirs and peat moisture. Due to the prolonged heat and insufficient rainfall, the threat of forest and peat fires has increased, so specialists are working ahead of the curve. Particular attention was directed to hydraulic structures in the territories of Yegorievsk, Shatura, Lukhovits and Orekhovo-Zuev.

The Moscow Region Ministry of Transport warned residents of the south-east of the region about possible poor visibility due to the Ryazan fires. People have been asked to take extra care near the railroad.

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