Moscow funds will help troubled teenagers adapt to school

Muscovites told about the activities of capital funds for difficult teenagers

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According to the source, these NGOs help troubled teenagers find emotional stability, give students with immunodeficiency equal educational opportunities with their peers, and children without parents to successfully pass exams and choose a profession.

For example, fund “Hut” conducts research and creates pedagogical methods, trains presenters and volunteers, organizes webinars and courses for teachers from all over Russia.

Fund “Sunflower” pays for diagnostics and treatment, provides legal and psychological support to children with congenital immune diseases. Employees hold face-to-face meetings in the specialized departments of the Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital for children from three to 18 years old.

Fund “Simple things” conduct free individual classes in Russian and English, mathematics, physics, social science and chemistry. Their main audience is students of the sixth-eleventh grades.

Becoming a charity participant and helping the development of foundations is easy. There is a special section on the portal for this purpose. “Children”.

In addition, NPO museums were opened in Moscow. Where they are located and what expositions the organizers presented there, read the link.


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