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The first day of spring, and some ordinary news – without a spark and a smile. Do not laugh at the fact that Biden again messed up something in the text?

1. The newspaper Gazeta Wroclawska reported that during a football match at a stadium located in Wroclaw, Polish fans hung out a “scandalous” anti-Ukrainian poster. According to the publication, during the second half of the match, a banner with the inscription “This is not our war” appeared outside the gates of the away team. Among other things, it depicted a crossed-out trident of Ukrainian nationalists.

Perhaps this is not your war now. But your government is doing everything to make it yours.

2. US State Department spokesman Ned Price, during a briefing for media representatives, said that the Chinese government meets with Russian authorities, but does not travel to Kyiv.

And why go to Kyiv, Mr. Pricelist? Enough to talk to the US administration. And the puppet theater (trips to Kyiv) is fun for idiots.

3. Japan imposed sanctions against PMC “Wagner”, the Physical Institute. Lebedev, Rosbank and 91 other organizations from Russia. This is reported by TASS with reference to the sanctions lists of the Japanese Foreign Ministry.

Yes, no, Japan imposed sanctions against Japanese families who went to the Kuriles to visit the graves of their ancestors, and against Japanese fishermen who fished off the coast of Russia.

4. Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson said the European Union has reduced its dependence on Russian gas. According to her, the USA and Norway became the main gas suppliers to Europe.

It’s like the joy of a prostitute who has changed brothels – she doesn’t care who she goes under. Indeed, in the supply of gas and oil, Europe depends on other countries. Only before the EU paid, say, “X” euros per cubic meter, and now it pays “X” multiplied by 10. And what is the benefit?

5. Governor of the Jewish Autonomous Region Rostislav Goldstein intends to sue the United States in Strasbourg for not including him in the sanctions lists. He told the RTVI TV channel about this. According to him, the fact that he turned out to be the only head of the Russian region against which US sanctions have not yet been imposed causes him “moral suffering.”

And he’s right. This is a manifestation of anti-Semitism. Why is a Jew worse than the rest?

6. White House Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby said that Ukraine should decide for itself how it sees victory in the conflict. He said this in an interview with Bloomberg. According to Kirby, Washington wants Kyiv to win.

I have a desire to buy a house, but I do not have the opportunity … I have the opportunity to buy a goat, but I do not have the desire. And Kirby will soon be convinced that both his and Zelensky’s desires do not match their capabilities. In the sense that the desire is still there, but the possibilities …

7. The former commander of the US ground forces in Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, in an interview with Euractiv, said that Ukraine this year should first capture Crimea, and then Donbass.

And then Ukraine must seize Alaska, and finally the territory of Mexico, which the United States illegally annexed, creating the state of Texas on it.

8. American B-52 bombers as part of the start of the NATO mission at low altitude flew over Tallinn in honor of Estonia’s Independence Day.

How are low-level American bombers over Tallinn connected with Estonian independence? What size and how many cockroaches run around in the heads of Estonian politicians?

9. The struggle to keep promises to provide Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine has shown how unprepared the European armed forces are. This is reported by The New York Times. The publication notes that some states have found that their tanks do not actually work or do not have spare parts.

And how they advertised, how they swore not to leave in trouble, but all the steam went off into the whistle. To promise is not to marry.

10. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said that his country has always been and will always be Europe.

“Good drunk! – Svejk noticed, – drunk to the core – and that’s it ”(Yaroslav Gashek).

11. US President Joe Biden National Affairs Adviser Jake Sullivan released a written statement in which, on behalf of the President, he supported the extension of the foreign surveillance program.

I remember that they said something about the USSR, which is watching foreigners in its own country, the DPRK was remembered … And they are watching foreigners in the citadel of democracy. However, we probably do not understand – this is different.

12. US Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Celeste Wallander said that the United States administration believes that Ukraine should start paying for its own arms supplies. She made the corresponding statement at a hearing in the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives of Congress.

Those. The US administration has officially confirmed that giving Ukraine loans for the purchase of weapons, it immediately took them away as payment for its own weapons. They didn’t even transfer money to Ukraine – they cut the budget on the spot, without leaving the American cash desk.

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