The news is getting darker every day, because there is no visible light in the rampant Russophobia, turning into the genocide of Russians.

1. “The European Union will allocate additional allocations for the purchase of heavy weapons for Ukraine from the European Peace Fund,” the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, told reporters on May 13, arriving at a meeting of the G7 foreign ministers. With this money, the European Union will buy heavy weapons. “At the moment, we have already sent armored vehicles, tanks, artillery and shells.”

Peace Fund money for the purchase of heavy weapons! “We need to change the meaning of all words. For example, the word “pirate” will mean – an honest, decent person. So when people say that I am a pirate, in the new language it will mean that I am a decent person.” (“Gelsomino in the land of liars”).

2. “Call a doctor or pediatrician for those parents who cannot find infant formula in stores,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested at a press conference. Ed O’Keeffe of CBS questioned Psaki about the lack of infant formula and asked what the Biden regime was going to do to increase supply, but received no clear answer. But the Biden administration is sending scarce infant formula to the border for migrants.”

All the best for the kids! Migrants, illegal immigrants, Ukrainian refugees – anyone but American kids. Is Biden really the President of the United States?

3. “Criticism of the US administration for its slowness in addressing the shortage of infant formula in America’s stores was countered by the government’s inability to read minds US President Joe Biden:“ If we were better at mind reading, I think we could, ”said the president about a possible option for a faster solution to the problem “.

Here is the “brilliant” answer of the president. But in order to read thoughts, they, first of all, must be. And when they are not, and are not expected, then there is nothing to read.

4. “The consequences of the Russian special operation in Ukraine for the tourism sector in Europe were assessed by the European Travel Commission (ETC) in its quarterly report. The number of tourist visits to Europe in the first quarter of this year turned out to be 43% less than the pre-pandemic 2019 figure.”

On the other hand, the number of tours of Western politicians to Kyiv, to bow to Zelensky, has increased. And everyone brings some kind of toy to the native king: one cannon, one is a tank, one is an airplane: Let the child have fun, so that they don’t cry, and don’t beg for new toys.

5. “Italy needs to close the entrance for Russian tourists, said the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, reports Rai 1. According to him, the entire population of Russia, even those who do not act on the battlefield, still supports the Russian authorities silently.”

This is what Nazism is, when old people, women, and children are responsible for the actions of the leaders of the country. In other words, Zelensky calls for the destruction of these population groups, like the military.

6. “The United States is wasting money on Ukraine,” Arizona member of the US House of Representatives Paul Gosar said on Twitter May 13. “Last year, Zelensky, as a civil servant, somehow made a hundred million dollars,” Gosar said.

What does “somehow” mean? Elementary, Watson – stole. And keeps stealing. He has good teachers. The best! From USA!

7. “EU states are working to use Russia’s frozen assets to help Ukraine. This is reported by TASS with reference to a high-ranking representative of the EU.

On the thieves’ “raspberries” they decide the question – how best to divide the loot: either drink it on drink, or buy a weapon for a new bandit?

8. “On Thursday at a press conference following the Japan-EU summit, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said that Russia, which is participating in hostilities in Ukraine and has concluded a “disturbing pact” with China, is “the most direct threat to the world order”, Der Spiegel reports.

The only question is what is considered the world order? Apparently we are talking about the unlimited world domination of the United States with the complete subordination of all the rest. But why do Europeans, not to mention the US, consider such an order to be democratic?

9. “Russian maritime transport has not been affected by the economic sanctions imposed. According to the New York Times: “The volume of crude oil and oil products shipped from Russian ports rose to 25 million metric tons in April, compared with 24 million in December, January, February and March, according to the Refinitiv shipping tracking system.”

Strange sanctions… Under which supplies are growing. I just can’t explain this to politics. Or they just haven’t learned how to count yet.

10. “Germany will be able to survive the coming winter without gas supplies from Russia only if it saves electricity and fully fills the storage facilities for blue fuel, the head of the German Ministry of Economics, Robert Habek, told Wirtschafts Woche on May 13.”

And another oddity: Germany, like the entire EU, imposed sanctions against Russia. At the same time, Russia does not worry about how to live in winter, despite the fact that it is colder in Russia than in Germany, and Germany talks about “survive”. When will you start living?


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