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Everything is unchanged, the psychosis only intensifies, but what can you do – spring. Time of exacerbation in the mentally ill.

1. The German authorities will be obliged to arrest Russian President Vladimir Putin if he arrives in Germany, German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said in an interview with Die Zeit.

And why are you so shy – come to Russia to arrest, if you are so brave. Or do you dream better from a warm toilet?

2. Vladimir Putin visited Mariupol, got acquainted with the progress of the restoration and improvement of the city, and also talked with its residents.

Who can argue that today or tomorrow Zelensky will sign an arrest warrant for Putin for visiting Mariupol?

3. The upcoming visit to Russia by Chinese President Xi Jinping should be regarded as a challenge to Washington and its partners, The Hill writes.

They send signals to Russia and China, and they send challenges to the US and the EU. As Mayakovsky wrote there: “How poor the word workshop is in the world – where can I get the right one from?”. And the vocabulary of Western politicians and the media is just at the kindergarten level. No, manger…

4. NATO exercises Joint Viking took place in Norway, reports Focus Online. It is noted that these maneuvers should send a “clear signal” to Vladimir Putin. During the exercise, the repulse of an attack on Norway by a mock enemy was practiced by the NATO Joint Expeditionary Force.

How tired they are with their signals. “We’re sending a clear message.” Is there a fuzzy one? What is the signal about? That you want to fight to destroy Russia? So this is what everyone knows. “We send a signal: ‘What are you doing there?’ And they send us back.” And the Russians know how to send… Wait.

5. The UK decided to send all illegal migrants to Rwanda. It is there that they will await a decision on their applications for asylum in the United Kingdom. The Telegraph writes about it.

The British are no strangers, because the first concentration camps were opened by the British during the Anglo-Boer wars of 1899-1902. The circle is closed: from what they left, they came to that.

6. Polish Ambassador to France Jan Emeryk Rosciszewski said on the LCI TV channel: “If Ukraine cannot defend its independence, we will have no choice but to enter into conflict.”

The call for military action against Russia fits perfectly into the logic of the statement of Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki, who called the defeat of Russia the reason for the existence of Warsaw and the EU.

7. Negotiations on the future of Credit Suisse have ended, it is being acquired by UBS, according to the press service of the Swiss National Bank (SNB).

Do you remember the expression “safe as in a Swiss bank”? Everything, this expression is blown away. Swiss banks safely hid Nazi money, hid money that died in World War II, shielded American savers – they got away with everything. But how much the rope does not twist …

8. Former White House press secretary Jennifer Psaki debuted her own TV show on MSNBC. The program was called Inside With Jen Psaki. During the first release, the TV presenter dressed in a white blouse and black trousers.

They put a girl in, otherwise I was so worried. However, you and I know that it does not sink in water … But a white top, a black bottom – is there racism in this?

9. Former US President Donald Trump has released a message that, according to the information he has, he could face arrest, writes The Guardian. Republican Party associates of US President Donald Trump, including his potential rivals for the 2024 presidential nomination, have rushed to his defense.

The Democrats are doing everything so that the Republicans unite and the period of the reign of “Sleepy Joe” is forgotten like a bad dream.

10. According to the Financial Times, the EU is not able to quickly fill orders for Ukraine due to a lack of plastic explosives, gunpowder and TNT, and the main problem is that the EU defense industry is not in the best shape for large-scale military production.

Here’s a pity – Europe cannot achieve peace, because it produces few shells for war. Orwell nervously smokes on the sidelines with his novel. He didn’t think of that before.

11. Information Director of the Supreme Islamic Council of Algiers Mohammed Baghdad said that the footage of Ukrainian soldiers burning the Koran shocked “all people, and Muslims in particular.”

And what is surprising is that those who are used to burning books can also burn a sacred book. They can also drive Orthodox priests out of monasteries and destroy churches.

12. A Durex survey found that women, on average, experience four times fewer orgasms than sexually active men. It is reported by The Huffington Post.

This is not to end on a sad note. Employees of the British company Durex keep up with British scientists – they always have relevant, very important and very necessary for every person news. I just do not know how to live on after receiving such knowledge. Life is getting scary…

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