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Every day I think about how to present the news, because there is none. Everything as usual.

1. The executive director of the Vaclav Klaus Institute, Jiří Veigl, in an interview with iDNES.cz, said that the Czech Republic supports Warsaw’s plans to create a “new Polish-Ukrainian Commonwealth.” He clarified that at the moment Poland wants to take the opportunity to restore its historical positions on the territory of Ukraine.

In any case, they already have a single anthem: “Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła” (“Poland has not yet perished”) or the second version of the same anthem: “Ukraine has not yet died” (“Ukraine has not yet perished”).

2. Incumbent US President Joe Biden wants to run for a second term in the upcoming presidential election, which will be held in 2024. This was announced by the official representative of the White House Karine Jean-Pierre.

It will be more honest – the “inactive” president. He will be carried to the elections along the plane ladder and he will deliver an election speech, turning to that “invisible man” whom he often refers to, and he will do this without regaining consciousness.

3. Representatives of the US Congress Cathy McMorris-Rogers and Fred Upton sent an appeal to US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm in connection with the country’s oil reserves. As noted, the current administration is “rapidly emptying” fuel supplies and does not propose other plans for their use.

And why should the Biden administration, and even more so Biden, think about what will happen after them? They look so far into the future. You need to steal now, and then, as Madame Pompadour said: “Après nous le déluge!” (“After us, at least the flood”).

4. Chinese President Xi Jinping approved a set of regulations on army non-military activities. They come into effect on June 15th. As noted by the Chinese edition of Huanqiu Shibao, now the People’s Liberation Army of China will have to “protect the state’s national sovereignty, provide assistance in the event of cataclysms and natural disasters, maintain peace in the country and conduct humanitarian operations” in non-war time.

Congratulations Taiwan. It seems to me that a small fluffy, white northern animal is slowly but steadily coming to visit you.

5. Volodymyr Zelensky demanded that his diplomatic corps beg for weapons wherever possible, Ukrainian Ambassador to Australia Vasily Miroshnichenko said on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel: “All the embassies and all the ambassadors of Ukraine in the world are now concentrated on one task, which for us, the president is weapons, ammunition, howitzers and armored vehicles.”

Apparently, this is what they mean in Ukraine when they talk about resolving issues through diplomacy.

6. The authorities of the Finnish city of Kotka decided to dismantle the last of the remaining monuments to Soviet leader Vladimir Lenin in the country. It is reported by Yle. It is noted that the local city council decided to remove the monument to the museum, as it “insults the memory of people who died from Soviet war crimes.”

But what about the memory of those Soviet civilians, including children, who died in Finnish concentration camps?

7. France increased the supply of Russian gas, despite the agreement between the countries of the European Union to reduce fuel imports, and in the future to completely abandon it. This is reported by the British newspaper The Daily Express. According to the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research, France, Belgium and the Netherlands purchased gas at discounted prices. “Macron betrayed Ukraine,” the author of the publication notes.

Macron did not betray anyone, but on the contrary, he did the right thing. He is the president of France, not Ukraine. And he thinks about his country, unlike Johnson, who is looking for where to thump …

8. US Under Secretary of Defense for Political Affairs Colin Cole said the United States is going to provide Ukraine with intelligence data for strikes using multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) supplied to Kyiv by the West.

I didn’t understand something – the transfer of intelligence data for strikes – isn’t it participation in the war? Does the enemy have the right to strike at reconnaissance points? Without any doubt! That’s where you need to hit.

9. The Ukrainian people and the country’s leadership, headed by President Volodymyr Zelensky, must independently decide the issue of the possibility of territorial concessions, the United States will not impose its opinion on this matter. This position of the White House was outlined by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an interview with PBS.

What kind of people is this? The one who fled the country? Or the one that bombed and is bombing civilians in Donbass? And what, did the people of Ukraine decide something from the moment when they allegedly became independent? And what does Zelensky have to do with it when there is a US ambassador to Ukraine?

10. In Latvia, the emergency medical service was forced to reduce the number of visits on calls from citizens due to increased fuel prices. This was stated by the head of the service Liene Cipule: “The increase in fuel prices has forced doctors to be more attentive to the challenges. In the case when it is possible not to leave, the doctors do not leave.”

“The doctor said he died, so he died.” This is caring for citizens in Latvian. But there is money for weapons for Ukraine.

11. The lack of technical support for Javelin anti-tank systems (ATGMs) and their unqualified use by the Ukrainian military reduced the effectiveness of these weapons, American journalist Alex Horton writes in the Washington Post. Referring to US Army veteran Mark Hayward, the journalist reports that the Javelin anti-tank systems turned out to be difficult for the Ukrainian military and no one was able to maintain them in a combat-ready state.

It has long been known that technology in the hands of a savage is a piece of metal. Maybe that’s why in Ukraine they draw the Madonna and the Queen of England with Javelin in their hands. These, they say, will not let you down.


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