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morning coffee with EADaily — EADaily, June 14, 2022 — Politics, Russian News


There is such an American film “Dumb and Dumber”. News about what is happening – this is the title of the film.

1. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron intend to arrive in Kyiv on June 16, La Stampa newspaper reports.

Reminds me of a visit by the medical commission to the good soldier Schweik in the divisional hospital. Zelensky’s Napoleonism is treated only with a clyster. But the Russian army inserts it into him.

2. The head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell, in an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, spoke about the prospects for Ukraine to receive the status of an EU candidate. According to him, Ukraine is a country of European culture, and the EU can expand.

So what is more important – the premise or the task? The task is to expand the EU, at least at the expense of Japan and Australia. But the premise – “Ukraine is a country of European culture” – is … it’s like saying “Gabon is a country of European culture.”

3. In Belgium, the authorities of the city of Molenbeek wanted to close the reception center for migrants, reports VRT. The Migrant Reception Center in Molenbeek, which was originally intended for Ukrainian refugees, was ordered to stop working. This was stated by the mayor of the city Catherine Muro, according to which, the municipality “already does enough.”

“You talk apolitically, darling!” Enough for you, but not enough for them. What was the name of the 007 movie? “And the whole world is not enough”. This is about the ambitions of Ukraine. They will release their own globe soon. Globe of Ukraine.

4. The 75th Tony Awards for the 2021-2022 season was the musical “The Strange Loop”. He participated in 11 nominations and received two awards – “Best Musical” and “Best Musical Libretto”. Deadline reports. The Strange Loop previously won the Pulitzer Prize for Best Drama. According to the plot, the main character writes a musical about himself – a dark-skinned gay writer who is forced to do a hated job to earn money, but writes a musical for the soul.

And if he were still disabled, he would have received all 11 nominations.

5. Kyiv may fear Western support will fade as media interest wanes, The Guardian reports: “This reflects a growing ‘normalization’ of the conflict, with much of the country feeling out of touch with the fighting in the east.

The wording is lame. Most of the country did not care what was happening in the east – if only they were not touched.

6. Prime Minister Morawiecki declared: 40 million Poles in Poland are ready to take up arms to defend their homeland.

Since the entire population of Poland, according to the 2021 census, is 38,036.1 thousand people, it is not clear where he will score 40 million, even if he gives monthly babies a machine gun. Apparently, Morawiecki has already added 8 regions of Ukraine to Poland.

7. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the American Jewish Committee (AJC), asking for increased sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Did he bring portraits of Petliura, Bandera, Shukevich, Konovalets, Melnik to the meeting? Or did he show what he usually plays the piano with to prove his Jewishness? Although he is unlikely to have been circumcised.

8. A memorandum of understanding on the supply of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine from Canada with the Canadian company Symbio Infrastructure was concluded by Ukrainian Naftogaz, according to the website of the Ukrainian state corporation. The parties plan to start deliveries in 2027.

Most importantly, the parties are confident that Ukraine will still exist in 2027. I cannot share this confidence.

9. The US government is secretly encouraging agricultural and transport companies to increase purchases of Russian fertilizers against the backdrop of sanctions and a sharp increase in food prices, Bloomberg reports, citing sources.

Provocation and betrayal are two tools of the US State Department. Force allies to impose sanctions against Russia, and then, spitting on the same allies, secretly violate sanctions in order to act as the only savior of Europe. Dull, predictable. But for Europe, the words of Pushkin, which she forbids, are relevant: “I myself am glad to be deceived!”.

10. The European Commission intends to oblige the European divisions of American technology companies to fight fakes under the threat of a fine, Reuters reports citing its own sources. It is noted that we are talking about Alphabet, Google, Twitter and other companies operating in the EU.

There was such a dance number “the struggle of the Nanai boys” on the Soviet stage. This is when one actor put on a doll of two people and portrayed them as if they were fighting. Here the Western fight against fakes is the “fight of the Nanai boys”.


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