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Today is International Children’s Day. It is strange to remember this against the backdrop of hostilities, against the background of mockery of the gender identity of children in the West, over the attempts of some Western countries to legalize pedophilia …

1. Polish Foreign Ministry spokesman Lukasz Yasina, who demanded an apology from Zelensky for the Volyn massacre, was sent on indefinite leave, RMF FM reports. The Embassy of Ukraine called this statement “deplorable.”

The massacre itself, one must understand, does not cause regret among the Ukrainian leadership. Only pride.

2. “Sweden decided to replace European military helicopters with American ones” + “Sweden is currently ready to join the North Atlantic Alliance, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said in a telephone conversation with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.”

How easy it turned out to be ready to join NATO – you just need to buy American weapons.

3. The Swedish Federation of Sex is planning to host the first European Sex Championship. It will take place in Gothenburg on 8 June 2023. 20 representatives from different European countries will take part in the tournament. This is stated on the website of the Swedish Federation of Sex.

Oh, the golden days have passed, otherwise I would have proved to them that Soviet athletes are the best in the world.

4. German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier assured Lithuania of military protection from the FRG and NATO in case of war. He also said that work is underway to increase the number of soldiers of the German brigade stationed in Lithuania. He made such statements during his visit to Lithuania.

It will not be called Lithuania, but the Reichskommissariat Ostland-Litauen, Reichsmarks will be introduced, Judenfrei and Russenfrei will be made (free of Jews, free of Russians).

5. “The city council of Melbourne, Australia decided to break sister city relations with Russian St. Petersburg after massive complaints from Ukrainians. This is reported by the 9News TV channel. + “The British Daily Mail reported that in Australia, on the outskirts of Sydney, local activist James Walters, who supported Russia, including during public actions, was found dead.”

And if you do not fulfill the requirements of the Ukrainians, get a bullet in the head. Democracy in Australia, you can’t say anything …

6. The British Embassy in the Russian Federation stated that it was aware of the consideration of criminal cases against five foreign mercenaries, including British subjects who fought in the Donbass. Embassy representatives considered it obvious that during his stay in Ukraine, Dylan Healy worked in the humanitarian field, and John Harding and Andrew Hill, in turn, served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine (UAF).

Yes, mercenaries do not fight there, just British subjects deliver toys to soldiers: inflatable dolls, dildos, sweets with coke and heroin – whoever needs what.

7. The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the country, Edgar Rinkevich, became the President of Latvia. On November 6, 2014, he came out and became the first politician in the history of Latvia to openly admit his homosexual orientation.

Strictly speaking, this is all you need to know about the President of Latvia and the politics of Spratland.

8. The White House said that Ukraine is going to go on the offensive in the summer. They added that the United States has been in contact with Kiev since the beginning of planning and is preparing new arms deliveries.

Together they plan an offensive and supply weapons – this is called “do not take part in hostilities.” Then what does it mean to “participate”?

9. In the Odessa region, two tons of cookies were sent to a landfill, which was sent as humanitarian aid, according to the Mahala publication.

After a thorough check, it turned out that these were the remains of those cookies that Mrs. Nuland brought to the Euromaidan in 2014.

10. Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt: “Norway will provide Ukraine with the Nansen program of military assistance, which will be designed for 5 years, its volume will be about € 7 billion.”

Fridtjof Nansen, who received the Nobel Peace Prize and helped refugees from all over the world who were starving in the Volga region, is turning over in his grave when he learns that military aid was named after him. I’m already talking about the fact that naming military assistance after someone’s name is nonsense.

11. The State Intelligence Agency of South Korea conducted an assessment of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un using artificial intelligence, reports Yonhap. According to the agency, based on the analysis of photographs and video materials, an assumption was made about the weight of the North Korean leader. According to him, in Seoul they suspect that Kim Jong-un suffers not only from being overweight, but also from insomnia. He also added that intelligence does not rule out that the leader of the DPRK has a skin disease and allergies.

It turns out that the main thing in the leader of the country is weight, insomnia and allergies. And the fact that the leader of one country suffers from dementia, and the other is a complete drug addict – is this nonsense?

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