“More to be treated and treated.” The father of the founder of SberMarket spoke about the state of his son after taking an immunostimulant

March 27, 2023, 15:50

The father of the founder of SberMarket, Zhulin, who ended up in the hospital, predicted a long treatment for his son

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The founder of the SberMarket marketplace, Dmitry Zhulin, who was admitted to the hospital after taking an immunostimulant, will have a long treatment to recover to the end. This was told in an interview with “360” by his father.

“I can’t say for sure, but, in my opinion, he is still being treated and treated in order to recover to the end,” the man said.

According to him, his son has blood clots and lungs affected, and his condition is terrible.

“He is now being treated, it is not known how long, until he recovers. It was God who saved him. Otherwise, there would have been not one tragedy, but two, ”said Zhulin’s father.

He admitted that he was very hard going through the death of his son’s friend Anna.

“I’m worried about her and him. It’s very hard,” said the father of the founder of the marketplace.

He said that the couple came over the weekend. Anna treated not only Dmitry, but also his father.

“She also offered me some drugs to make the stomach work better. She studied medical <…> I have a stomach ulcer. She brought me a bottle and said, they say <...> drink, it will heal better, ”the man explained.

He clarified that Anna studied not only at the institute, but also at some medical courses, she always advised new drugs.

“I am not a very good patient. I can start, and then immediately quit abruptly <...> When my civil wife fell ill, she also advised medicines to drink in order to get better, ”said Zhulin’s father.

He noted that the girl always tried to advise something, she sometimes brought some drugs herself, one of them is still in the refrigerator.

According to the man, the son is very hard going through what happened. He himself learned about Dmitry’s hospitalization from another son.


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