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More than a dozen enterprises of St. Petersburg collected humanitarian aid to Donbass


Humanitarian assistance from St. Petersburg enterprises to Donbass will be targeted. More than a dozen large companies of the Northern capital took part in the action. Just citizens who brought essential items, clothes and medicines directly to the humanitarian aid collection points were also able to make their contribution.

“There are several collection points for humanitarian aid in the administration of the Petrogradsky District, in particular, one is located on Pushkarskaya Street. This is the point of the teenage and youth center. Everything that the residents of St. Petersburg bring is collected there, and then help will be sent further from there. Public organizations, enterprises, for example, the Zenit volleyball club, the Salyut factory, local governments and many others are actively involved in the work. Absolutely no one is indifferent. So the municipality “Kronverkskoye” last month delivered a large batch of humanitarian aid – 20 tons of water. Now the Petrovsky Municipal District has delivered one and a half tons of essential goods that will go where people who are in trouble need help,” said Maxim Arshinov, Deputy Head of the Petrogradsky District Administration.

There are more and more people who are not indifferent to the tragedy in Donbass and who want to help every day. Dmitry Vaginthe head of the Petrovsky municipality, expresses his deep gratitude to the people of St. Petersburg for such activity:

“These are ordinary people, pensioners, students, parents with many children, who are not always well off themselves, but nevertheless they are ready to help. Even with the few that they have. And with such small streams, humanitarian aid is collected in huge rivers and sent to Mariupol, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.”

Now the humanitarian convoy will leave for Rostov-on-Don, and from there aid will be distributed to the cities of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.

Alexander Malikov, head of the “Young Guard” in St. Petersburg says that the organization he leads is doing a lot of volunteer work in the LDNR.

“Our guys go to Donbass every week. Young Guard is the first Russian organization to open its branches in Donbass. We help the work of centers for the issuance of humanitarian aid, sort it, deliver it directly to the homes of those who need it most. Our volunteers also help doctors. We also have a humanitarian mission to search for missing people.”



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