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More than 70% of Americans called the wrong path USA | World news | News | 06/18/2022


The vast majority (71%) of Americans believe that the US is on the wrong track. Such data was shown by a survey published by the publication USA Today and analytical agency Suffolk Poll on 17 June.

The study showed that residents of the United States are pessimistic about the events taking place in the country. According to the survey, 71% of respondents do not approve of the chosen course of the authorities. They include many supporters of the Democratic Party, represented by current US President Joe Biden. Only 16% believe the US is moving in the right direction.

According to published data, 47% of respondents do not approve of Biden’s actions as leader of the state, while 39% support him.

The publication reports that the negative attitude of Americans towards the work of the authorities is due to economic problems in the country that affect the lives of the inhabitants.

On June 15, a Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that the US president’s public approval rating was declining, dropping to 39%. This figure is approaching the lowest value during his entire tenure as president.

On June 16, Fox News anchorman Tucker Carlson published an article in which he called the current US president the main cause of the current fuel crisis and rising energy prices. He suggested recalling the primaries of the future president, in which he declared that he would “do away with fossil fuels” and “was not going to give in” on this issue.

On June 10, Bloomberg reported that US annual inflation accelerated to 8.6% in May, the highest since December 1981. According to the agency, this is likely to push the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and “exacerbate political problems for the White House and Democrats.” The day before, Biden called record inflation in the country a “curse”.

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