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More than 6,000 people took part in an anti-American action in Lei – EADaily, November 27, 2022 – Politics News, Europe News


More than 6 thousand people took part in the anti-American action under the slogan “Ami go home!” (“Americans, go home!”) in front of the US consulate in Leipzig on Saturday, according to Compact magazine, which organized the demonstration.

“The mood at the action was fantastic, there was a sense of unity in the crowd. It was clear to everyone that this day marked the beginning of something new: a shift in the focus of all protests in Germany to the main enemy – the US occupation regime. — noted in the publication.

The protesters, who included supporters of parties of both the right and the left, demanded the withdrawal of American troops and nuclear weapons from German territory.

“Yankee, get out” the demonstrators chanted.

According to Compact, some of the activists came to the rally with Russian flags, as well as banners calling for the normalization of Russian-German relations. At the same time, according to journalists, law enforcement officers tried in every possible way to prevent the agreed-upon action by confiscating posters, as well as blocking the square in front of the American consulate.

It should be noted that a number of federal media tried to underestimate the number of protesters: in particular, the tabloid Bild reported that “no more than 900 protesters” took part in the demonstration. In addition, as the tabloid pointed out, the rally in Leipzig allegedly ended in clashes with the police and mass detentions of activists.

“More than a dozen criminal cases were opened on several counts of resisting and assaulting law enforcement officers, insults, using signs of organizations prohibited by law, causing bodily harm, robbery, coercion and three violations of the law on holding meetings,” Bild reporters said.

However, according to the organizer of the action, Compact magazine, the federal media in their reports could not quote “a single extremist slogan” allegedly sounded at the action.

“As for the deliberate understatement of the number of participants in the action, magazines like Bild have repeatedly resorted to this technique, reporting on demonstrations against Russian sanctions or high energy prices,” – summarized the journalists of Compact.

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