More than 300 residents of Yakutia were returned home due to mobilization by mistake

Yakutia’s Coordinating Center for Mobilization Issues received 209 requests. More than 300 residents of the republic, mobilized by mistake, returned home, a correspondent was told. IA REGNUM October 3 at the operational headquarters of the region.

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Of the 209 applications, 63 were sent to the psychological service. The center also collects additional equipment. Sleeping bags and uniforms have already been sent to the Primorsky and Khabarovsk Territories. Representatives of the public chamber of the republic were sent to the regions of the Far East to check the conditions in which the military personnel are located.

Medical commissions have opened in the military registration and enlistment offices, which conduct a primary medical examination of those called up“, – also noted in the operational headquarters.

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