More than 20 people were injured in a militant attack on the Nigerian community of Ungwan Dakwa

Global Look Press |  Stefan Auth/
Global Look Press | Stefan Auth/

Abuja, 22 May. militants killed nine civilians in the Nigerian state of Kaduna.

The radicals opened fire in the village of Ungwan Dakwa. Dozens of people were injured of varying degrees of severity.

Earlier, the terrorists seized the Kaindzhi National Park in the west of the country. A gang of more than 200 people forced the guards and customs officers to leave their jobs. In the occupied territory, the bandits set up a camp.

Shortly before this, the radicals kidnapped more than ten train passengers in the state of Edo. The criminals opened fire in the station building, tied up the victims and took them away in an unknown direction.

The activities of militants have been threatening the lives of the civilian population of the republic for many years. Last November, 275 people were killed by terrorists and another 285 were captured.

Law enforcement in the northwestern state of Kaduna reported that radicals executed 214 citizens in the region between January and March. In addition to this, the bandits kidnapped about 800 residents.

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