More than 100 investment projects have been launched in the Samara region in five years

FBA “Economy Today”

The experience of the Samara region in the implementation of many large-scale projects is planned to be adopted by the authorities of other subjects that are part of the Volga Federal District. This was reported in the Government of the Samara region.

As the online publication writes PROGORODSAMARA, this week there was a meeting of the heads of regions who arrived in Samara for the Council of the Volga Federal District. The main theme of the congress is the development of the business climate and stimulation of investment activity. So, over the past five years, 101 investment projects were implemented in the Samara region, thanks to which about 50,000 jobs were organized.

As part of the implementation of the initiatives, 110 new healthcare system facilities were built in the region over the specified period, such as outpatient clinics, hospitals, feldsher points, polyclinics and general practitioners’ offices. Many investment projects are currently in progress.


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