Monument to Leo Tolstoy in Odessa is planned to be moved from the center to the museum

The monument to the writer Leo Tolstoy, located on the street of the same name in the center of Odessa, is planned to be moved to an open-air museum, according to the local newspaper Dumskaya.

The plans to move the monument were announced by the director of the municipal department of culture, international cooperation Ivan Liptuga in response to a request from the organization “Decommunization of Ukraine”, the newspaper reports.

According to Mr. Liptuga, the historical and toponymic commission at the mayor’s office of Odessa decided to move the monument on March 16th. The decision will come into force if the deputies of the city council vote for it, Dumskaya clarifies.

At the end of March, the Odessa authorities dismantled a memorial plaque in honor of the Russian commander Alexander Suvorov, which was installed on one of the central streets of the city, as part of the “de-Russification” campaign. Earlier in Odessa, by decision of the city council, the monuments to the Russian Empress Catherine II and Alexander Suvorov were dismantled.

Erdni Kagaltynov


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