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Monde: French manufacturers force stores to raise food prices


French producers are asking stores to increase food prices from the beginning of 2023. This is reported by the newspaper Monde.

By December 1, food manufacturers had to submit price proposals. To reach an agreement, negotiations with distributors will last until March 1 next year.

“The requirements for the revalorization of products that we received from manufacturers are extremely high: between 15% and 25% for a number of items,” said Jacques Cressel, authorized by the Federation of Trade and Distributors of France.

The requirement to increase prices is due to a number of factors. Among them are the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic, the Ukrainian crisis, inflation and rising prices for production and raw materials.

Great Britain is facing record inflation rates. Against the backdrop of rising food prices and an increase in the cost of living in the country, shoplifting has increasingly begun.


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