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Moldova should close the case of Pridnestrovie before EU integration – MEP


Support for the accession of Moldova and Ukraine to the EU by Western partners is not only their duty to the people of these countries, but it is also in the interests of the European Union itself. This was announced today, June 24, by the MEP from Romania, Siegfried Muresan.

At the same time, he stressed that the Transnistrian problem must be resolved before the actual entry of the Republic of Moldova into the EU.

“The fact that at present there is still no decision on this issue should not prevent us from going through all the steps to join the EU, we can make significant progress in many areas in parallel with the solution of the Transnistrian issue,” Mureşan said.

He added that the historic decision of the European Council on granting candidate status to Moldova and Ukraine, taken the day before, was made for the future.

“This is a historic decision, this is the most important thing that the EU has done for Moldova, and this is the best basis for further integration and future decisions,” Siegfried Muresan concluded.

Recall that recently the President of Moldova Maya Sandu fantasized that the inhabitants of Transnistria would appreciate the benefits of European integration and this would contribute to the unification of the country. At the same time, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev stated that the unsettled conflict between Moldova and Transnistria has been going on for about 30 years, and “the Moldovan side has not taken a step towards a civilized peaceful” resolution.

According to him, the new objective reality is that it is necessary to recognize de jure what de facto already exists, namely, the independence of Pridnestrovie. After the Republic of Moldova applied for accession to the European Union, Tiraspol concluded that such a position indicates Chisinau’s refusal to dialogue on the parameters of joint coexistence.

As reported EADaily that the unification of Moldova and Transnistria is virtually impossible, Ignatiev recently said, explaining by different values ​​and identities.

“Moldova has built from its state the second Romanian state in every sense. Perhaps Mrs. Sandu wants European integration or unification with Romania, but the people of Transnistria have completely different plans. We know where we are heading and what our main vector is. And as you know, the vector of the PMR is independence and the subsequent development of relations with the Russian Federation,” Vitaly Ignatiev concluded.


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