Moldova is preparing to sign a contract to audit the debt to Gazprom

The Moldovan authorities plan to complete the selection of a company in the coming days, which will eventually audit the debt to the Russian state corporation Gazprom. This was announced today, August 9, by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic, Minister of Infrastructure Andrei Spinu.

Recall that, according to Gazprom, Moldova owes the company $440 million for gas, but together with penalties, this amount has already grown to $700 million. However, Chisinau does not agree with this amount and intends to conduct an audit.

“We have done everything to ensure that this audit takes place, perhaps in the coming days we will have good news – it will become known whether the contract for the audit will be signed,” Spinu said.

Spinu also stressed that the official Chisinau categorically refuses to recognize and pay the debt accumulated by the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

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