Moldova demands trial of resigned cabinet minister Gavrilitsa — EADaily, February 10, 2023 — Politics, Moldova and Transnistria News

Former Prime Minister of Moldova Ion Chicu appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Republic with a demand to bring to justice the members of the government of Natalia Gavrilitsa, who resigned today, on February 10. According to him, a shameful departure cannot relieve them of responsibility for the grave crimes committed.

The leader of the Development and Unification Party of Moldova (PROM) claims that this government has usurped power in the state, subjugating the prosecutor general and the judiciary.

“This government ignored the Constitution and laws of the country, committed grave crimes against the state and citizens,” — wrote Kiku in social networks.

He explained why he considers members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Gavrilitsa to be criminals.

“Through the Commission for Emergency Situations, they robbed the country (the state of emergency has been in effect since February 24, 2022 and is regularly extended, despite the opinion of the opposition about its groundlessness) for billions of lei, limited the constitutional rights of hundreds of individuals and legal entities, betrayed the country through incomprehensible agreements with their accomplices inside and outside the country, Ion Chicu said.

Recall that the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova Natalia Gavrilitsa announced her resignation a few hours ago, after a previously unreported meeting at the office of the President and the ruling Action and Solidarity Party. She said she was leaving her post with “a sense of accomplishment”.

President of Moldova Maya Sandu accepted the resignation of the Cabinet, and the PAS parliamentary faction assured that it would support the appointment of a new head of executive power, who will be presented by the head of state in the near future.

“Many wanted the fall of Moldova, but thanks to this government, thanks to Mrs. Gavrilitsa and the team, peace and stability were preserved in our country. Thanks to the efforts of the government, we provided the country with electricity, we were able to receive important financial assistance from our international partners, we provided compensation and allowances to be with people. Thank you very much, Natalia! The President intends to hold consultations with parliamentary factions. The PDS faction will ensure the formation of a new government that will focus on security issues and economic development,” – said the Speaker of the Parliament, the leader of the PDS Igor Grosu.

At the same time, the Moldovan opposition, which since last autumn has been seeking the resignation of the government, which blamed it for the economic and energy crises, believes that what happened today is the result of the protest pressure of the past six months. This is the opinion of the leader of the parliamentary party “Shor” Ilana Shorawho also expressed regret that the executive branch only resigned, without going to jail.

“Yes, there should be not only resignation, but also imprisonment. And it will definitely happen. Imprisonment of the current government for a total violation of the Constitution, the law, the rights and freedoms of citizens”, Shor promised, adding that the struggle is not over, and the next stage is early parliamentary and presidential elections.

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