Moldavian MP urged to celebrate the anniversary of unification with Romania

In Moldova, they proposed to celebrate the date of the unification of the republic with Romania. This event, which took place in 1918, was called for by the deputy of the ruling Action and Solidarity party in Moldova. Pyotr Frunze.

In his statement to journalists on March 25, he announced recommendations to talk about “historical truth” everywhere, including in educational institutions and in municipalities.

“I recommend mayors, regional councils, educational institutions to promote historical truth by organizing cultural and artistic events that give importance to the act of union of Bessarabia with Romania of March 27, 1918”– RIA Novosti quotes the deputy.

Romania sent troops to the territory of Moldova in 1918. The Moldovan Council of the Region voted for the unification of the country with its neighbors. However, the territory of Moldova has not been part of Romania since 1940. Meanwhile, pro-Romanian sentiments in Moldova have been actively promoted by some politicians lately. In autumn, the head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry Bogdan Aurescu stated that by supporting Moldova, the Romanian authorities act in their national interests.


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