“Mistake” of the Pentagon, the costly Patriot and the power of the toaster: morning coffee with EADaily –

News as usual. The Russians are being deprived of the last thing – toasters and irons – and they do not want to buy diamonds. They tore the economy like Tuzik a heating pad.

1. “The US Department of Defense mistakenly indicated a much higher value of military equipment transferred to Ukraine than in reality. According to sources in the Pentagon, the department revealed inconsistencies in the assessments of the equipment supplied to the Ukrainian army. The discrepancies are approximately $3 billion.”

“By mistake”, “Mismatches”, “discrepancies” – how beautiful it sounds. And we will say in a simple way: they stole 3 billion and honestly divided it.

2. “The French Senate by a majority of votes adopted a resolution recognizing the famine in Ukraine in 1932-1933 as a “genocide of the Ukrainian population”. This is stated in a message published on the official website of the upper house of the French Parliament.

Then Russia should recognize the Haidamak movement, the “Uman massacre”, pogroms in Odessa, Dnieper, Nikolaev and other cities as genocide of Jews in Ukraine.

3. “Johnson wanted to punch Macron in the face because of the criticism of Britain’s actions towards Ukrainian refugees. The ex-premier called the President of France a “sycophant” and “Putin’s sycophant”. This was stated by the former press secretary of Johnson Guto Harry radio station LBC. Macron called Johnson a “clown” and a “dumbass” in response to the migration crisis in the English Channel. Harry added that Johnson and Macron settled the row weeks later over a bottle of whiskey at the G7 summit in Germany.

High relations – “And the star speaks to the star!”.

4. “Professor Mark Katz of the Department of Politics and Government at George Mason University in the US told Newsweek magazine that the Kyiv authorities are deliberately downplaying a possible counteroffensive in order to prepare their Western allies for potential failure.”

Katz said – Katz is the head! Brian is the head. And Benes is also a head. Ostap pushed the boiled old man away with his hand and got out of the crowd. (Almost along Ilf and Petrov).

5. “According to Military Watch Magazine, the American Patriot air defense missile system lost all of its missiles in an attempt to shoot down the Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile, but did not succeed in this. This volley cost approximately $96 million, MWM specifies.

And you say – the climate, the hungry, unemployment, the collapse of the economy. It’s all nonsense. To release almost $ 100 million into the world like a pretty penny is exactly what the whole world needs.

6. “The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and the period of mourning cost the British government about 162 million pounds ($ 202 million). This is reported by the Sky News channel.

Burying one old woman is like two volleys of Patriot! And the family did not pay a penny.

7. “The newspaper Wyborcza reported that the day before, Polish nationalists drove Ukrainian activists from the main square of Krakow. According to the publication, on the square near the monument to the writer Adam Mickiewicz, Ukrainian activists held demonstrations every day. They brought the flags of Ukraine with them and sang the anthem of this country, this has been going on since February 2022.”

Chorus of the sick and the hungry. They could not bring their flag – it is stolen and they could not sing the anthem of their country – it is also stolen. And the whole country is stolen.

8. “The British Foreign Office said that London will unfreeze Russia’s assets only if it agrees to pay compensation to Kyiv. This was reported on the department’s website.

It was not possible to steal Russian money just like that. We decided not to give it away, but to keep it. But just as the British were thieves, so they will remain thieves. Did they compensate their colonies?

9. “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will arrive at the G7 summit in Japan on the evening of May 20.”

They drove a goat through the cities,
As you can see, for show –
Goats in the West are stamped to order.
So that everyone can enjoy their view.

10. “The US Department of Commerce has imposed a ban on the import of certain telephones, microphones and household appliances into the Russian Federation. It is noted that the list of goods prohibited for import into Russia includes electric instantaneous or storage water heaters, electric irons, microwave ovens, boilers, as well as electric coffee makers and even toasters.

Well, that’s it, without coffee and a toaster, the Russians will definitely give up. And they will come out to surrender in unironed shirts.

11. “The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the Russians were denied entry to Moldova at the Chisinau airport under far-fetched pretexts after grueling checks. This is stated on the ministry’s website.

It’s just that checks should be carried out three times: “A Moldovan asks a friend: “Have you watched the movie:“ Dumb and even dumber ”? – Yes, I looked and did not understand anything! “So look at it again, I got it for the third time!”

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