MIPT researchers taught security cameras to link images to each other


An innovative development created at MIPT allows you to continuously track the movement of objects using different cameras at the same time. About it “Newspaper.ru» told Andrey LeusLeading Researcher, Laboratory of Special Purpose Digital Systems, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Previously, computer programs could only record the presence of a target object in the frame of one of the cameras, but could not continuously observe its movements in real time. The new system allows you to recreate the path of the observed object and link images from different cameras sequentially.

This development has a very wide range of applications, allowing you to track the number of objects in a certain area, control student attendance, monitor the movement of cars, and much more.

MP Tolmachev previously spoke about the assistance of the Russian Federation to young scientists. He spoke about a document that proposes to consolidate the concept of “young scientist” and the right to receive state support.


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