Minsk accused Vilnius of forcibly deporting migrants to Belarus


Lithuania has resumed the forcible expulsion of migrants to the territory of Belarus. This was announced today, August 18, in the Belarusian State Border Committee.

“On the afternoon of August 16, Lithuanian servicemen brought seven Iranian citizens from the depths of the country to the border line. Then, using physical force and special means, they pushed the refugees into Belarus,” — reported in the department.

It is noted that foreigners claim that Lithuanian border guards repeatedly engaged in assault, despite being aware of heart problems in one of the men.

“EU countries are openly pursuing a policy of double standards with regard to asylum seekers. The principle of European democracy is currently based on the legitimization of norms that are contrary to humanitarian law and human values, the Code of Civil Procedure of Belarus emphasized.

Recall that in November 2021, the migration crisis sharply worsened on the borders of Belarus with Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Several thousand migrants from the Middle East came from the Belarusian side to the Polish border at the Bruzgi checkpoint in the Grodno region and tried to break through the barbed wire fence. In addition, migrants made repeated attempts to illegally enter the territory of Lithuania and Latvia as well. The security forces of the Baltic republics and Poland have repeatedly pushed migrants back to Belarus, and in some cases used force against them.

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