The status of individual mobility aids (IMs), including electric scooters, as a separate category of road users remains uncertain due to the unpreparedness of Russian streets and roads. This is stated in the review of the Scientific Center for Road Safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The author of the material said that due to the fact that the roads of settlements are still not adapted for SIM users, there is no technical regulation for the creation, import and circulation of such means, their legal status is not defined. The movement of this transport remains disorderly, reports TASS.

Equating some types of RIMs with mopeds would cause them to drive on the roadway, which would increase the threats to road safety. At the same time, the number of accidents involving this vehicle is mainly recorded at intersections.

Public activist Petr Shkumatov previously supported the initiative to limit the speed of electric scooters to 25 kilometers per hour. However, the implementation of this idea can be extremely difficult.



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