Ministry of Defense: Russian troops destroyed up to 1,400 Ukrainian soldiers in the battles for Pavlovka

MOSCOW, 15 Nov — In the battles for Pavlovka, Russian troops destroyed up to 1,400 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense reported.
Also, the Ukrainian side lost:
  • two Su-25 aircraft;

  • Mi-8 helicopter;

  • 12 tanks;

  • 27 infantry fighting vehicles;

  • up to 30 other armored fighting vehicles;

  • six artillery pieces, including two US-made M777 artillery systems;

  • more than 25 vehicles for various purposes;

  • 28 unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Russian troops continue offensive operations,” the ministry said in a statement.
The military department announced the liberation of the village of Pavlovka the day before. Its capture opens up a springboard for a further offensive by Russian troops in the Donbass. As Denis Pushilin, acting head of the DPR, stated, without occupying this village, it becomes extremely difficult to liberate Ugledar, which is necessary to push the enemy away from Donetsk.
As the ministry reported last week, the ratio of Ukrainian losses to Russian losses in the Ugledar direction reaches nine to one.

Kupyanskoe direction

Also, Russian troops thwarted the attempts of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the direction of the village of Kuzemovka in the LPR, undertaken by two company groups.
APU losses amounted to:
  • up to 100 military;

  • eight tanks;

  • three infantry fighting vehicles;

  • five armored personnel carriers;

  • six cars.

In addition, during the day, Russian aviation, missile forces and artillery hit six command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 82 artillery units in firing positions, as well as manpower and military equipment in 178 districts.
Since February 24, Moscow has been conducting a military special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Vladimir Putin called it the task of protecting people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kyiv regime for eight years. According to the president, the ultimate goal is the liberation of Donbass and the creation of conditions that guarantee the security of Russia.

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