Ministry of Defense: Most of the drones produced in Russia do not meet basic standards

Most of the drones that are produced in Russia do not correspond to the basic tactical and technical requirements of the Ministry of Defense. This was announced by the representative of the Ministry of Defense Igor Ischuk. According to him, the Russian army needs reconnaissance drones.

“The Ministry of Defense has developed the appropriate tactical and technical requirements for unmanned aerial vehicles. And most manufacturers, unfortunately, are not able to fulfill them. And the main problem of non-fulfillment is the elemental base,” Colonel Igor Ischuk said at the round table “Prospects for the development of unmanned vehicle technologies in the Russian Federation” (TASS quote).

Igor Ischuk called drones for conventional and electronic reconnaissance, as well as drones used as loitering munitions, the most in demand. According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense, in this situation, the department is forced to “go for simplification, for additional agreements, for the acceptance of UAVs into operation in experimental mode.”

According to experts interviewed by Kommersant, there was a shortage of drones in Russia back in June. This happened due to the fact that they were previously purchased privately for the military in the Donbass. Against this background, in May and June, their prices in Russia increased by more than 30%.

Read more about what is happening on the 216th day after the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine in the Kommersant online broadcast.

Anastasia Larina


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