“Minimize society’s demand for justice”: Prigozhin announced the goal of the ban on the mention of Wagner PMCs in the media

Press service of Prigozhin
Press service of Prigozhin

The founder of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, spoke out about the ban on the mention of the “orchestra” in the central Russian media. According to him, in this way, the internal policy department wants to minimize the society’s demand for justice.

Earlier, due to the taboo on media coverage of the activities of Wagner PMC, a loud scandal erupted on social networks. As the journalists of the VEK publication write, despite the increased popularity of the “musicians” after the liberation of Artemovsk, they really began to write much less about the “orchestra”. In this regard, correspondents asked Prigogine why, in his opinion, this is happening.

The head of Wagner PMC admitted that such a command could have been given either by Russian President Vladimir Putin or other high-ranking officials in the politician’s administration. However, such a development of events is unlikely, Prigogine believes.

“Therefore, I think that, most likely, this is the internal policy department, which is trying to minimize the society’s demand for justice and the society’s demand for domestic Russian heroes. Because the heroes, of course, should remain bureaucratic officials who today govern the Russian state, and the only ones who should be thanked are them. Well, if they are not thanked, then they say: “Okay, God bless him, thank the president,” the press service quotes the comment of the founder of Wagner PMC. companies “Concord”.

prt scr vk.com | Press service of the company “Concord”

Earlier, Yevgeny Prigozhin expressed confidence that the Russian media were indeed banned from mentioning Wagner PMCs in their materials. According to him, in this way the editors of major publications and central channels decided to “play it safe”.


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