Home News Millie Bobby Brown in ‘secret’ talks for Star Wars role

Millie Bobby Brown in ‘secret’ talks for Star Wars role


Actress Millie Bobby Brown may appear in the Disney Star Wars franchise. The Mirror writes about this, citing its source.

According to an insider, Brown, along with her manager and father Robert Brown leads “secret” talks about a role in the upcoming Star Wars project. For participation in it, the artist will be paid £12 million.

According to the source, while the negotiations are informal. “Disney’s executives know how much of an icon she is already for audiences aged 10 to 30, and what that adds up to in terms of appeal.”he says.

IA REGNUM Reminds that Millie Bobby Brown became famous thanks to the TV series “Stranger Things” from Netflix. In the show, the actress played a girl with telepathy named Eleven.


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