Military personnel of the Central Military District are preparing dugouts for the winter

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Military personnel of the Central Military District who are participating in hostilities in Ukraine are preparing for the onset of winter. They are digging trenches and building dugouts in the Liman area. The main task is to protect against drones.

“Members of the motorized rifle regiment are preparing their deployment areas for winter conditions. They cut logs into planks, prepare round timber for equipping dugouts, weapon cellars, trenches and dugouts, food intake points and personnel washing areas. Floors are being laid in the already dug dugouts and partitions are being made in the rooms to accommodate personnel,” the press service of the Central Military District reports.

They added that special emphasis will be placed on protecting soldiers from artillery attacks and combat copters. For this purpose, the coverings of the dugouts are made in three layers and covered with soil. To provide heat, trench stoves are brewed at the field metalworking station. In addition, supports and fastenings for dugouts are manufactured there.


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