Military observer Alekhine revealed what assistance China can provide to Russia

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Help from China to Russia may not consist in military equipment, but in the supply of necessary electronics. Gennady Alekhin, a reserve colonel and military observer, told URA.RU about this.

“China is our strategic partner. During meetings, telephone conversations, issues related to the special operation and, in one way or another, regarding assistance are discussed. It cannot be purely military, consisting in the provision of tanks and aircraft. If it goes, in my opinion, it has to do with technology. It is possible that assistance is being provided in electronics,” Gennady Alekhin said.

He stressed that it is not customary to talk in advance about the preparation of any supplies. “Whether China will help us or not is a matter exclusively for Russia and China. Therefore, one should not listen to statements about this by Western politicians. If any help is provided, and if we really need something, then this will be officially announced. But they usually don’t talk about such things in advance, but only after the fact, ”the military observer noted.

The head of the office of the foreign affairs commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Wang Yi, promised Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to maintain friendship between the two countries in any post. The head of the ruling party and Chinese President Xi Jinping will arrive in Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the West, they fear the union of the Russian Federation and China. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned that there could be serious consequences for China if Moscow is given any form of assistance.

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