Military expert said whether the United States will withdraw from the START-3 treaty

It is likely that the United States will withdraw from the START-3 treaty, but Russia will still have an advantage on the issue of weapons of this type, he said on March 29 in a commentary for IA REGNUM military expert Yuri Knutov.

As previously reported, on March 28, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Russia has no contacts with the United States under the Treaty on the Reduction of Strategic Offensive Arms. In February 2023 President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia was suspending participation in START-3.

The suspension of Russia’s participation in the treaty does not mean that our country intends to violate the established quantitative indicators, but in the current situation, the country’s authorities do not intend to allow American inspectors who want to see Russia’s modern hypersonic weapons to military facilities, Knutov noted.

It all depends on the USA. Either they stop violating the agreements and start a normal dialogue, or Russia will not communicate with them. The “dialogue” from a position of strength that Washington adheres to is not a dialogue, but an attempt to dictate, and it does not suit us“, – said the expert.

Even if the United States decides to withdraw from the START-3 treaty in the current situation, Russia’s positions look preferable – our country has modern hypersonic weapons, Russia is 5-7 years ahead of the United States in this regard, Knutov added.


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