Military expert named the hidden purpose of arms supplies to Ukraine

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

The Ukrainian authorities are most interested in weapons that can be profitably resold to third countries. This was stated in an interview with URA.RU by the head of the holding of security structures “Rus”, a reserve colonel, a combat veteran, holder of the Order of Courage Roman Nasonov.

“The Ukrainian corrupt regime is trying with great interest to acquire any weapons for itself, but to a greater extent it is interested in something that can be used effectively in some way, namely, to resell. Therefore, in a situation with an attempt to get American F-16 fighters, bilateral games are being played, ”said Roman Nasonov.

In this regard, the interlocutor of the agency stressed, it will be practically impossible for Kyiv to get American fighters. “The sky cannot be closed qualitatively in this theater of operations. The training of personnel is insufficient, and it will also be necessary to fulfill all the requirements of the Americans related to high-quality maintenance, which is very difficult, ”the expert explained.

Americans also don’t want [поставлять истребители] for many reasons. Firstly, this is a fairly expensive toy – hundreds of millions of dollars. Secondly, in the event of its defeat on the battlefield, this is a great loss of prestige for the American military-industrial complex. Thirdly, the relevant infrastructure is not sufficiently developed in Ukraine, which allows them to be used qualitatively,” added Colonel Nasonov of the reserve.

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