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Military expert Knutov: Kyiv can plan a new Bucha

globallookpress.com/Vladik Musienko/ZUMAPRESS.com
globallookpress.com/Vladik Musienko/ZUMAPRESS.com

For the sake of attracting the attention of Europe, the Kyiv regime may be planning a new terrible provocation akin to the tragedy in Bucha. He shared this opinion in an interview with FAN military expert, historian, director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces in the village of Zarya, Balashikha District Yuri Knutov.

According to him, at present there is no coherence in the European Union against the backdrop of a difficult economic situation caused by anti-Russian sanctions.

“Europe is divided. We see this in the vote on the embargo on Russian gas, when Hungary also opposed it, and a number of other states were extremely skeptical about this issue. We see how a number of states also have a negative attitude towards the admission of Ukraine to the European Union: first of all, these are Western European countries,” the historian said.

photo from the personal archive of Yuri Knutov
photo from the personal archive of Yuri Knutov

Yuriy Knutov also pointed to a factor that makes it possible to conclude that Europe is already tired of the topic of Ukraine.

“As long as the hyped anti-Russian hysteria is in effect, the impression of the unity of Europe is created. In my opinion, this is more of an artificial construction. An analysis of the foreign press shows that there are fewer and fewer articles devoted to Ukraine,” the FAN interlocutor explained.

He concluded by suggesting what the Kyiv regime might do to win back Europe’s attention.

“Personally, I have a fear that Kyiv can prepare some kind of big terrible provocation akin to the Malaysian Boeing [MH17]or execution in Bucha, where [украинские боевики] they were too lazy even to change the bandages on the bodies of the killed civilians, in fact revealing that there had been a murder of citizens sympathizing with Russia, ”summed up the military expert.

Federal news agency
Federal news agency

Formerly political scientist Jacob Evglevsky in a conversation with the FAN shared his impressions of the speech of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The interlocutor supported the opinion of the Russian leader that the mistakes of the governments of European states in the economy will lead to an increase in the radicalism of their population.



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