Military expert called Poland’s anti-Russian accusations a fairy tale

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Doctor of military sciences Konstantin Sivkov believes that Poland’s statement about a missile with a concrete warhead found near Bydgoszcz looks like a fairy tale. According to him, expensive missiles are not used to confuse air defenses.

“Missiles must fly at the target. Throwing her in order for her to fly with a concrete ingot is very strange … for me this is some kind of fairy tale, ”RIA Novosti quotes Konstantin Sivkov.

According to him, replacing part of the rocket with concrete is irrational. Jammers are used to counter air defense.

Earlier, the head of the presidential administration of Poland, Pavel Schrot, said that a concrete warhead from a rocket that fell in December 2022 was found in the city of Bydgoszcz. According to the authorities, the missile belonged to Russia, and it was launched to confuse the Ukrainian air defense systems.


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