Military expert Artamonov: the Russian Federation has lagged behind the West in the production of sniper weapons

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Russia is ahead of the West in developing precision sniper weapons. This opinion was shared by military expert Alexander Artamonov. However, according to him, the Russian Federation lags behind in the production of these weapons and the saturation of military units with them, unlike the West

“If in terms of the level of development we are no longer behind, and are partially ahead of Western competitors, then in terms of the saturation of combat units with sniper weapons, in terms of the mass use of them, we are still significantly behind,” Artamonov said in an interview with According to him, the Russian Federation does not use sniper weapons as often as Western countries do.

Artamonov noted that the Russian Federation learned to produce weapons from the West. He emphasized that Russian gunsmiths Lobaev Arms followed the example of the American brand CheyTac.

According to the expert, Russia’s lag is due to the fact that the USSR and the modern Russian Federation have historically paid attention to other areas. Artamonov noted that the important tasks at the moment are the saturation of regular units with sniper weapons and the training of snipers. “Our manufacturers often produce high-precision rifles on their own initiative and in small batches, because there is not enough production capacity or there is no government order,” he added.

Earlier, former Ukrainian special forces sniper Ruslan Shpakovich, who is now training the Ukrainian military, said that there are more professional snipers in the Russian army than on the Ukrainian side. A Russian sniper with the call sign “Hades”, who serves in the Akhmat special forces, said that in the special operation zone his squad uses advanced technologies for camouflage.

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