Military analyst called the conditions under which Kyiv will gain superiority in the sky

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Russian special operation in Ukraine

Ukraine will be able to achieve dominance in the sky only by receiving tens of thousands of fighters. Vladimir Prokhvatilov, a military analyst and senior researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences, told URA.RU about this.

“In this case, synergy plays a role: quality, quantity and price. That is, if Ukraine receives 10,000 Gripen fighters, then it will have a chance to achieve air supremacy. But if there are ten of them, ten more Soviet ones that are available, this will not change much. The delivery of a small number of F-16s will not lead to great results either. This will strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but will not lead to radical changes as long as there are no Western fighters in the arsenal of Ukraine. And without air support, any counteroffensive is extremely doubtful, ”said Vladimir Prokhvatilov.

He stressed that the United States will be forced to supply Gripen to Kyiv. “Sweden’s refusal to provide Ukraine with its fighters is most likely temporary. Gripen are fourth-generation light fighters. They are weaker than the American F-16s. They are also called fighters for the poor. The only negative for us is that the number of fighters in Ukraine will increase. And there will actually be more of them. All Western countries are meeting the instructions of the Pentagon. Washington is forcing its allies to provide Ukraine with their weapons in the first place. And he himself is slow with this, ”said the military analyst.

Earlier, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Ruslan Stefanchuk, asked Sweden to consider the possibility of transferring Gripen fighter jets to Kyiv. At first, Ukraine was refused. Then Swedish Defense Minister Paul Jonsson said that Sweden is ready to train Ukrainian fighter pilots.

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