Military analyst accuses China of stealing foreign technology

Military analyst Eastwood: China creates weapons based on stolen technology

China is begging, borrowing or stealing US and Russian technology to make its weapons, military analyst Brent M. Eastwood told on the 19FortyFive website.

“If China does not steal ideas from the United States, it also takes Russian weapons technology without demand,” the expert wrote.

He compared the Chinese Shenyang J-11 fighter with the Russian Su-27. Eastwood noted that they are almost the same and the first can be called a copy of the second.

The same tactic is used in China’s air defense. The state regularly bought S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems from Russia, after which the HQ-9 air defense system appeared, which combined the best qualities of Russian weapons. In addition, Chinese specialists used the technology of the American Patriot air defense system, Eastwood suggested.

“Expect Beijing to continue borrowing and stealing projects from Moscow,” he concluded.

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