Mikhail Mishustin called the Unified State Examination a social lift

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin said that the abolition of the unified state exam (USE) requires serious discussion. According to him, the USE has become a social elevator for young people. However, if there are alternative proposals, they should be considered. He expressed this opinion when answering questions from State Duma deputies after the presentation of a report on the work of the Russian government for 2022.

“Cancellation of the USE requires a very serious discussion. What today already exists is that children from distant corners, from villages and villages, with the help of the Unified State Examination, can study and enter leading Russian universities. This is very important, this is what, let’s say, gives a social lift. Of course, everything must be seriously weighed and evaluated. Therefore, if there are any alternative proposals, it is necessary to systematically consider and propose,” the Prime Minister said.

This is not the first time the Russian authorities have discussed the issue of abolishing the Unified State Examination. The initiative to cancel the unified exam, in particular, on March 15 was made by the leader of the Just Russia – For Truth party, Sergei Mironov. Mikhail Mishustin then said that it was necessary to “seriously weigh” all aspects of this issue. On March 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin called controversial the view that the complete abolition of the Unified State Examination will help improve the quality of education. He agreed that the Unified State Examination has many drawbacks, but this system gives schoolchildren from the periphery the opportunity to study at the leading universities in Russia.

Milena Kostereva


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