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Mikhail Kizeev: It is planned to introduce about 15 amendments to the bill on the social rehabilitation of drug addicts


About 15 amendments are planned to be made to the bill regulating the rehabilitation of drug addicts, including the proposal to provide for work with the family of a drug addict, Mikhail Kizeev, a member of the State Duma Committee on Health Protection, said at a round table in the press center of Parliamentary Newspaper.

During the conversation, the following topics were also discussed:

– How will this bill help reduce the number of drug addicts?

– How can drug addicts get the necessary treatment and under what conditions?

– What methods of rehabilitation does the text of the document suggest?

– What other new approaches in the system of rehabilitation of people with addictions are being discussed by the expert community?

The following were also invited to participate in the discussion:

– Deputy head of the inter-factional working group of the State Duma on protecting the health of citizens from alcohol, tobacco and drug threats, deputy of the State Duma Biysultan Sultanbievich Khamzaev;

– Deputy Head of the Independent Anti-Drug Guild Vladislav Georgievich Devyatkin.

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