Mike Tyson threatened the authors of the Hulu series about his life and career


    Mike Tyson has issued a scathing statement regarding the project of a biographical mini-series of the online cinema Hulu, the plot of which will tell the story of his life and career. The boxer posted the publication on August 6 on his page on the social network.

    “Hulu stole my story. They are Goliath and I am David. Heads will roll for this.”Tyson wrote in the post. Note that this is not the first time the boxer has spoken out harshly about the streaming service project, in February 2021 he accused the company of corporate greed and cultural appropriation of Tyson’s life story”.

    Recall that the role of Mike Tyson in the future mini-series “Mike” will perform Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight”). The project is being implemented by the same team of producers under the leadership of Stephen Rogerswho made the biopic…

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