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Microsoft banned residents of Russia from downloading Windows


Windows 10 and 11 operating systems, their samples and the Media Creation Tool program were banned from downloading by users from Russia from its official website by the American company Microsoft. This was reported on June 19 by CNews.

It is clarified that when you try to download the Windows 10 and 11 distribution kit from the official website of the company, the message “There was a problem with your request” appears, while this error persists for all Russian Internet providers.

In addition, it is indicated that also IP addresses (a unique device identifier in a computer network) from Russia cannot be downloaded by other programs of the named company. For example, when trying to download the Media Creation Tool application, a 404 error (404 – File or Directory not found) occurs.

At the same time, it is noted that in the case of changing the IP address and language from Russian to any other, Windows starts loading. At the same time, there have been no official statements from the company on this matter yet.

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