Michelin restaurant to open in Chelyabinsk

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In Chelyabinsk, on Lenina Avenue, next to SUSU, the restaurant “Professorsky” will open according to the traditions of “Michelin”. The founder of the restaurant and chef Dmitry Modestov told URA.RU that the restaurant will combine the principles of European quality and local products.

“We will not carry any European culture. We will simply be by standards and essentially a European restaurant. This is when there is a specific chef behind the institution, who is responsible for the result. Local products, traditions and classical techniques are used,” Modestov explained to URA.RU.

The menu will be short. It will include about 20 dishes for different preferences – meat, fish, poultry, seafood and vegetable dishes. The restaurant will also present a 12-course daily menu, when the guest himself collects the set. Prices for them will be from 1200 rubles for two courses, a drink and a dessert. Moreover, products for the daily menu will be used from the main menu. Dmitry also noted that he personally will stand behind each plate.

Another important detail in the concept will be thematic and seasonal Chef’s Table dinners. A separate menu will be prepared for it, consisting of at least nine servings. The chef at such evenings not only cooks in front of guests, but also talks about dishes and ingredients. This format will be held one to two times a week, and the cost will depend on the theme or season. The number of places on the Chef’s Table is from six to 12 people.

Technical opening of “Professorsky” is planned on May 10. In the first month, guests will be able to visit the institution only by appointment, and at a time they will receive no more than 15 people. The chief explains this by saying that you need to “grind the team.” There will also be a shop that sells products that the restaurant operates on or produces them on its own.

Dmitry Modestov gained particular popularity in 2019 after the appearance of journalist Yuri Dud in the program (included in the register of foreign media agents). There he treated the presenter and the hero of the issue with dishes from his TaKaTak restaurant in San Sebastian, one of the European gastronomic capitals. It was he who brought the chef a recommendation from the Michelin guide. Having closed the establishment in Spain, Modestov opened a bar of the same name in Sochi, and then decided to return to his small homeland and develop the restaurant business in Chelyabinsk.

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