Michel Onfray guest of the program “Face aux Territoires” on TV5 Monde

MEDIAS On Thursday, December 1, Michel Onfray was the guest of the TV5 Monde show

Michel Onfray guest of the’ broadcast “”Face aux Territoires” on TV5 Monde

Michel Onfray, philosopher and essayist, on March 17, 2016 in Paris. — BALTEL

Philosopher and essayist Michel Onfray, was the guest; of the TV5 Monde/Ouest-France program, “Face aux Territoires”, hosted by Cyril Viguier, Thursday, December 1st.

Together, they ;evoke; news local, national and international and in particular the Football World Cup. But also the energy crisis, the debate on the corrida which agitated the political world in recent weeks in France. And of course, the war in Ukraine which occupied a large place during the exchanges.

A program at; review below.

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