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Mexican President calls NATO actions in Ukraine immoral

Global Look Press / Luis Barron / The Photo Access
Global Look Press / Luis Barron / The Photo Access

Mexico City, 14 June. The President of Mexico criticized NATO’s actions in Ukraine, calling the conflict a proxy war of the West against Russia.

According to him, NATO’s actions in Ukraine are absolutely immoral and only contribute to the continuation of bloodshed and an increase in the number of victims.

“I will supply weapons, and you will supply the dead,” he said. Andres Manuel Lopez Obradordescribing the strategy of the North Atlantic Alliance in Ukraine.

The Mexican leader is confident that the escalation of the conflict could have been avoided, but the United States and its allies, instead of trying to resolve differences with Russia through diplomacy, began pumping Ukraine with weapons.

“How easy it is to say: “Here, I will send you so much money for weapons.” Was it impossible to avoid the war in Ukraine? Of course, it is possible,” says Lopez Obrador.

globallookpress/Tech.  Sgt.  JD Strong
globallookpress/Tech. Sgt. JD Strong

The current criticism of the US and NATO has become another manifestation of disagreement with Washington’s policy. Earlier, the President of Mexico refused to participate in the summit of the Americas in protest against Joe Biden’s refusal to invite representatives of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela to the event.

“I believe in the need to change the policy that has been imposed for centuries, alienation, the desire to dominate, lack of respect for the sovereignty of countries, the independence of each country,” López Obrador explained his position.

Mexico became the only state in North America that did not support sanctions against Russia. Moreover, members of the incumbent President’s party, the Movement of National Revival, created the Mexico-Russia Friendship Committee.

Representatives of the National Renaissance Movement said they “respect the freedom of thought of our members” after a youth group affiliated with the party sent a message to the Russian ambassador in Mexico Victor Coronelli an open letter supporting a special military operation.



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