Metelev spoke about plans to support the families of mobilized

Metelev spoke about plans to support the families of mobilized

Artem Metelev
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The families of the mobilized need to feel that they are ready to support them in a difficult situation. This opinion was expressed by Artem Metelev, Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Youth Policy, at the press center of Parliamentary Newspaper on October 5.

The all-Russian mutual aid project #WeTogether is launching an action in support of relatives and friends of servicemen. The deputy explained that it was not a matter of material needs, because the salary of military personnel is about 250 thousand rubles, and they are also provided with various benefits – credit holidays, labor guarantees and others. “The question is in the inner confidence that you are not alone,” Metelev is sure.

Now the headquarters of the project have been launched in each region, the deputy said. They operate in universities, colleges, foundations, libraries, museums, companies and even closed cities.

“A cell is opened absolutely everywhere, the task of which is to receive requests for help and find people and resources to give this help. We have launched a hotline 8-800-200-34-11, where today we have received more than 18,000 calls,” Metelev said. There you can get legal assistance related both directly to mobilization and obtaining support measures, and psychological counseling.

The deputy also proposed assigning a mobilized group of a university or a senior class of a school to each family, so that they would regularly come to them and help in everyday life. Each family will understand that behind them are people who are ready to help them in a difficult situation, ”summed up Metelev.

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