Metaco Receives Digital Asset Initiative of the Year Award, Bolstering Institutional Adoption

Metaco, the leading Swiss digital asset storage and tokenization platform, has recently been recognized for its exceptional contribution to the industry.

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Acquired by Ripple, a renowned blockchain technology company, Metaco has received the prestigious Digital Asset Initiative of the Year award. The announcement was made by Metaco in a tweet, celebrating their victory at the esteemed Global Custodian’s Leaders in Custody Asia awards.

Institutional Services Paving the Way for Success

The award reflects Metaco’s dedication to providing unique institutional services tailored to the needs of working with digital assets. This acknowledgment reinforces the notion that Metaco possesses the necessary technology and expertise to support the institutional adoption of digital assets, bringing significant advantages to Ripple’s business line.

Continued Success and Recognition

Metaco’s recent recognition comes on the heels of another notable accolade: the platform was named Best Digital Asset Innovation at the prestigious 2023 Global Custody Awards. These consecutive acknowledgments underscore Metaco’s commitment to driving innovation within the digital asset industry.

Institutional Crypto Custody and Trading Services

Metaco is renowned for its comprehensive range of institutional crypto custody and trading services. Its esteemed clientele includes prominent financial institutions such as BNP Paribas, Citi, and Societe Generale. Despite Ripple’s acquisition of Metaco, the custody firm will maintain its status as an independent brand and business unit, ensuring a seamless continuation of its trusted services.

Empowering the Institutional Adoption of Digital Assets

Metaco’s success in the field of digital asset storage and tokenization has positioned it as a frontrunner in empowering the institutional adoption of these assets. The recognition received through the Digital Asset Initiative of the Year award further solidifies Metaco’s role as a trusted partner for financial institutions venturing into the digital asset space.

Driving Industry Advancement through Innovation

Metaco’s relentless pursuit of innovation continues to drive the industry forward. By offering tailored solutions and services, the platform enables financial institutions to navigate the evolving landscape of digital assets with confidence and security. The recognition garnered by Metaco serves as a testament to their commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering institutional growth.


Metaco’s recent acquisition by Ripple, combined with its consistent recognition in the form of prestigious awards, showcases the platform’s dedication to advancing the institutional adoption of digital assets. With a strong emphasis on innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Metaco remains a trailblazer in the field of digital asset storage and tokenization. As the industry evolves, Metaco’s cutting-edge technology and institutional services will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping the future of finance.

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