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Merry Christmas 2020: Play these games with friends on Christmas party, the fun of the party will be doubled

Christmas (Merry Christmas 2020, Christmas): Today, Christmas is being celebrated all over the country and the world with great fanfare. On this occasion, people will not only party in homes and offices but will also have lots of fun outside.

If you too have done this Christmas home decoration, Christmas tree decoration, and dress plan, have you made a special plan for the party for the Christmas celebration today. If there are no games in the party then the fun fades. It is the game itself that makes people mood for fun. Let’s know some games that can make your Christmas Eve very life …

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Pin Rudolf Hose:
Print a large photo of the red-nosed Reindeer Rudolph and stick it on aboard. To make its nose, wrap red chart paper on cotton and apply tape on one side. Now tie the blindfold of the participant participating in this game and rotate them once in a place. Ask to put his face in the right place by turning his face towards Randolph, whoever will be able to place the nose of the contestant (Rudolph) exactly, he will be the winner of this game.

Put small thick household items and tie them in a stocking. After this, make a circle and sit and tell everyone one by one to guess the stock and write it on paper. Also instruct people to write their name on the paper. The one who will be the most accurate guess will be considered the winner of this game.

Balance game on the spoon:
In this game, the participant will be instructed to walk far into the house with a round-shaped thing or jewel on a spoon, and after holding the spoon, they will also have to come back. The complete feat in this game is of balance. If the object falls from the spoon of the participant, it will be deemed lost.

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