mercenaries from Poland and the United States during the raid of the DRG tortured residents of the Belgorod region – EADaily, May 28, 2023 – Society. News, Russia News

Foreign mercenaries as part of the DRG, which rampaged in the Belgorod region, tortured civilians in basements for many hours. This was announced on May 28 by the governor of the region Vyacheslav Gladkov in his telegram channel.

This morning, the Governor visited the wounded from the Grayvoronsky and Shebekinsky districts in hospitals, talked with local residents.

“It is especially difficult, of course, for the wife of a deceased member of the self-defense, in whose eyes her husband was killed. She was actually in captivity, she was bleeding, it was not even possible to drink. She was held hostage by two Ukrainians, the rest, in her words, were Poles and Americans. It’s hard to imagine what she experienced. The psychological state is very difficult, no one and nothing will return her husband to her. But you need to get together and be strong for the sake of the children, and we, for our part, will definitely help, ” writes Gladkov.

According to him, there are two children from Shebekino in the hospital.

“A boy and a girl were walking, holding hands, a shell flies in – a shell shock in a boy, a serious injury in a girl. In his arms, he actually carried her out of the shelling zone, ” says the governor.

He noted that, according to local residents, the head of the Kozinsky rural settlement Igor Mokhovenko he carried the wounded in his arms, several times his car was fired upon. They fired point-blank. He did not hide, he helped not only the inhabitants of Kozinka, but also the neighboring Glotovo. Many people have been saved, writes Gladkov.

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